Is Zoom Plugin supported with Moodle 3.9.1 (Build: 20200713)

Is the Zoom plugin supported with Moodle 3.9.1 (Build: 20200713)

When I add mod_zoom_moodle39_2020061200 to Moodle Plugins (/mod directory), the installation does not complete. It is stuck.

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How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Download ‘mod_zoom_moodle39_2020061200’ from the internet
  2. Upload this plugin into Moodle 3.9.1 (Build: 20200713) (via Add New Plugin option)
  3. Moodle will automatically initiate installation of this and copy the package into mod/zoom folder
  4. The installation stays incomplete.

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Hey @vsoundar,

Thanks for sharing this. Our engineers are taking a look at the issue. (ZOOM-192863)

I will provide you with updates here.


Do you have any update for me. My clients are looking to integrate Zoom directly inside Moodle, but I am unable to install the plugin.
Thanks for the help…

Hey @vsoundar,

Our team is still looking into this. I’ve just circled back with them on your behalf—as soon as we have an update, we’ll let you know.