Issue on Validate the domain

While submitting the app on marketplace, there is an option to validate domain. But I can’t validate the domain and I am not using a domain for developing my app with zoom sdk. So How to handle that.
Could you let me know how to solve this.

Hello @anees we have specific requirements for Publishing Apps on the Zoom Marketplace, You will need to validate domain because you are required to provide valid metadata items like Support URL, Privacy URLs and Documentation URLs. These plus many more are required for Approval for Publishing on the marketpalce, if you do not provide these there is no need to try to submit your Application for Review.

Regards, Kwaku

The only reason why we are planning to publish the app in the maketplace is because that the app we’ve created using sdk cannot join any meetings created by other users. The only meeting the app can join is the meeting created by the user who has sdk attached / the user who has created the sdk.
This is when we saw that we should publish the app in market place for our app to be able to join others meeting. Just said to be clear with it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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In my case, domain validation is could not accessible for typing domain. It is disabled. What’s the problem with that?

Hello @anees can you provide a Loom video for whats going on? Not sure I fully understand

Regards, Kwaku

I would suggest clearing your cache and giving it a try again.

This is the issue that I have faced. I couldn’t enter any data on “Your domain address” field.