Issue with API call on meeting-ended webhook

Hi, I do have a process on my wordpress website that runs always when a meeting finishes.

It usually works good, but seems some times when trying to grab the meeting participants using the past_meetings/meeting_uuid/participants/ endpoint it just returns null. Any idea on what might be going on? Not sure how to reproduce the issue. Last time it failed was with meeting ID 82431470074.

@membersupport Hope you will be fine.

Are you following the below before requesting :point_up_2:

  • Double Encode Meeting.uuid before the request
  • Meeting.uuid is valid for valid meeting instance

Please get meeting past instances by requesting /past_meetings/{meetingId}/instances

Hi, we are not double encoding the meeting.uuid but we are using the uuid that comes on the webhook request object ([payload][object][uuid]). How should we encode it? We assume the id was valid as it was return by the weebhook. Should we validate anyway? What should we do when uuid is invalid? Our process is working on regular basis, why do you think it fails just some times?

Hi there, hope you can help here! Our webhook have been working good lately, but we recently had this issue again with a meeting. Seems after our meeting with ID 88932842738 ended, the webhook triggered succesfully, anyway on our side when trying to call past_meetings/O6ME1Q3sSxuEJYkFtjuteg==/participants/ we just didn’t got any response. Any idea on what might happened?