Issue with 'connection-change' Event Not Triggering on macOS When Disconnecting Network Cable During an Ongoing Call

I’ve encountered an issue while developing with the Zoom Video SDK. Specifically, on macOS, when disconnecting the network cable during an ongoing call, the ‘connection-change’ event is not triggered by the Zoom Video SDK. This hinders my ability to retrieve the current user’s connection status within the session.Has anyone else experienced a similar problem, and are there any known solutions?

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Would you mind sharing the browser information with us? (Which browser? What’s the version?)

When the network cable is disconnected, it may not be immediately reflected in the connection-change' event. (Chrome: around 24 seconds, Safari: 60 seconds)

We use WebSocket to communicate with the server, and the browser usually takes some time to detect the network disconnection. We also maintain a heartbeat packet to check the connection status, and currently, the interval is 60 seconds. We will shorten this interval in the next version to ensure prompt notification to users when the connection is lost.


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Ok, I see. Thank you for your reply

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