Issue with downloading cloud recordings results in 403 forbidden

Hi all,

When I try to download recording from my account using API, i am getting 403 forbidden issue,

'fopen({{ Download Path }}): failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbbiden.

I have set “Share cloud recordings only with members of my account” set to off and using JWT — API Key/Secret to download a cloud recording.

This was working fine till last week. Suddenly, this issue started appearing in my application.

What should I do now?

See Unable to get Recording URL's filename and extension using Python

Hi @te_zoom.admin,

For updates, please refer to our this forum post - Update: Recording download url 403 error. We’re working on resolving the issue asap.

Hey @te_zoom.admin,

Thanks for your patience, the issue is now fixed.


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