Recording URL downloads returning 403

Our application started to crash when downloading recordings using rec/webhook_download endpoint. We get 403 in response. There are no changes in code on our side. What changed during the weekend on the ZOOM side and how to fix it?
Issue is super-urgent because it crashes our production business process…


A couple things observed in relation to our experience of this:

  1. Does not occur with all zoom domains. All download urls for one site fail (403), while all for another site succeed (the failure is before the 302 redirect to common zoom backend API server).
  2. It is only failing on linux - the same requests executed on windows are succeeding.
  3. further, querying the download url with a freshly updated cURL succeeds (on the linux box), while the application does not.
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Yes, correct. It occurs only on linux distributions. The problem is in SSL handshake and for some reason this SSL handshake process fails.
We temporary solved the problem by forcing TLS 1.2 in our client application before initiating connection for download recordings. This is temporary fix and still waiting for response from ZOOM side because SSL handshake should be managed from operating system level, not code.

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A bit more - per SSL labs, the cipher suites offered by different customer zoom sites and the backend zoom service are all quite different. Best we can tell, problem lies with attempting to use TLS 1.3.

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@elisa.zoom @donte.zoom Do you know if the team is looking into this.

Hi @ravi.sahu @b.pedersen @jacek.podgorski ,

Thank you for sharing this issue and teaming up to troubleshoot. Can you please each submit a support ticket for this issue with the following info as it sounds like a bug:

  • account id
  • full request/response
  • screenshot and/or video of error
  • a link to this forum thread

I’ll also flag internally to get the attention of our service engineers.

I have the same issue when reproducing the download_url into a web-based player, when pausing the video after a while returns 403 error code.

My application is playing the URL with the ?access_token parameter, which keeps the video working a little longer but later crashes with 403 (Access Forbidden)

Any idea how to solve this issue?

Hi @zoomuser ,

This could be similar to what occurred here:

If you’re still having this issue, please use the same guidance I shared above for submitting your bug ticket. Make sure you are logged into your developer account when you submit.