Issue with Pagination - Ignoring parameters

I am working on an OAuth application that collects data from our instance.
I am starting with the users object.

I have logic that generates the paginated URL.

However, no matter what the parameters are generated for page_number and page_size, it always returns the same set of records, with page_number =1

Should the API return an empty set when I exceed the page count for the request, or is that supposed to be tracked within the application?

Hey @tcheung, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Do you have over 200 users? If not, try testing with a "page_size" of 1:

The "page_count" property lets you know how many pages of "page_size" there are.

An empty "users" array will also be returned once you reach the end of the list.

Also try removing the second slash / after us.

Have you tested this in postman?


I have tested with page size = 1. Paging works fine until the page number goes past the number of users, and then it just continues to return the last user, regardless of the page number entered.

Hey @tcheung, I see.

That is strange, it should be an empty users array.

For the last instance, does the “page_count” match with the “page_number”? Also are you specifying the status query param?


I’ve tried it with and without a status parameter set.
The page_count does match the page_number on the final record in the result set, and continues to do so as the page_number in the parameter increases.

Hey @tcheung,

I cannot reproduce this issue.

Can you possibly send me a video of this in postman, and send me your App Name? So I can look at the logs?


The app is the CozyRoc integration app: which I’m using to build a SQL Server Integration Services integration.

I’m not sure what Postman is, I can get you a Fiddler log of the request and replies, if you have somewhere I can send it to.

Hey @tcheung,

Thanks, we will look into this and get back to you! Don’t worry about postman.