GET List Users only returns some users, not all

I’m using the GET method to List Users in our Zoom account, and set the page_size to 1000 because we have roughly 900+ users. However, the API is only returning 300 users - how is this possible?

No error.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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I’m using the Python Requests library to do all this, but here’s a cURL command that produces the same result:

curl --location --request GET ‘
–header ‘Authorization: Bearer $MY_JWT_TOKEN’

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No screenshots needed. All that happens is I get 300 user records back, instead of 1000.

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The maximum value for the page_size parameter is 300. If you have more than that, you need to “page” through the result with multiple api calls using the page_number parameter. The call will return total_records so you can determine how many page calls you need.

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Hey @rrodrigues,

Like @robertom said, you need to use the page_number to get all of your users:

You will have to make approximately 4 requests to get all 900+ users.


If I may say so, the 300 line page size limit is braindead. Most corporate accounts are going to generate WAY more than 300 and having to resend the API for each page is…well…dissapointing.

Hey @doug.baggett,

We appreciate your feedback, and will consider it to improve the Zoom Developer Platform. :slight_smile:

Currently with the increased load and usage of our API the current limit is 300.


Thanks! I’m hoping this can be lifted at some point.

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I agree @doug.baggett! :slight_smile:

I will keep you updated on any plans to increase the page_size limits.