Issues with multiple API endpoints after account audio file limit was raised by support

The audio file limit for my account was raised to 4000 files per my request as part of support case #16963481. After this change, I am unable to use JWT tokens with the following API endpoint to create an audio file, receiving the following error:

    "code": 403,
    "message": "You do not have permission."

I am, however, still able to create audio files using this endpoint with a server-to-server OAuth token.

I also am receiving the same error when trying to use and am unable to update the greeting prompts for auto receptionists / IVRs due to this. This call does not work with JWT OR OAuth.

The JWT and OAuth tokens can be used for other API calls with no issue, and were working as expected prior to the file limit increase. I have also had another team member attempt to use the AddAnAudio endpoint with their own JWT token and they saw the same behavior.

Hi @dylan.lewis
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here!

If my understanding is correct, after you got the limit raised in your account, you are getting the error 403 when calling the Add an audio item for text-to-speech endpoint using JWT tokens (are these tokens generated with the JWT app type?)?

But you can access the endpoint using a token generated by the Server-to-Server Oauth app?

BUT, you are not able to call the endpoint Update call handling neither with JWT or server-to-server OAuth?

Hi @elisa.zoom, yes that’s correct!

The JWT tokens are created with account level JWT apps, and the OAuth tokens with account level server-to-server OAuth apps.

We have also noticed we are getting the following error only when using an OAuth token with the endpoint to get Auto Receptionists (

    "code": 101,
    "message": "AccessControl for this API is not set."

This same call works with JWT. Overall very strange behavior, and there could be other endpoints affected that we haven’t run into yet.

Interesting @dylan.lewis
I will go ahead and send you a DM so you can share more details with me and this way I will try to replicate the issue you are having on my end :slight_smile: