Issues with showing chat dialog, participants dialog and hiding sharing toolbar



I am using c# wrapper and I am having issues hiding sharing toolbar even after calling the necessary function for the same.

Also I want to know how can I mute the mic of host as a host using SDK, show chat dialog and participants dialogs under my own toolbar.

P.S: I am able to show annotation bar under my toolbar but not able to figure out about chat and participant dialogs.



Hi Bert,

for hiding sharing toolbar, it’s a bug on our side, we will fix this in the next release.

for mute someone, you can take a look at 

SDKError MuteAudio(unsigned int userid, bool allowUnmuteBySelf)

for chat and participant dialogs, please take a look at the APIs here




Hi Wei,

From the C# API it does take ValueType as a parameter so I am still not able to figure out what value it would take, Same for showparticipantwindow. For MuteAudio it takes userid as a param. How can get the host userid using the SDK?


Please advice.




 Hi Bert, 

you can read the source code of our c# wrap to find the correct api parameter type.

for example,

about mute audio,


IMeetingAudioControllerDotNetWrap->SDKError MuteAudio(unsigned int userid, bool allowUnmuteBySelf);

about the userid, you need to register the callback sink:






Hi Dats,

Still you do not understand my question. I want to mute/unmute myself(as a host user after meeting starts) and callback function you mentioned does not get called when host starts the meeting so I don’t get userID nowhere. I hope that makes sense.


Hi Bert, 

today we fix a bug about get user id of our c# wrap, you can download the latest c# wrap to try again. if you also can’t get user id, please show me your code if ok for you.