Issues with webrtcsession while using the electron SDK


I’ve been using the zoom electron SDK successfully for several days. Today, suddenly, I started getting the following error when I do the SDK authentication:

[17848:1116/] ConnectDataChannel called when data_channel_ is NULL.

The SDK authentication call causes the apicallresultcb callback to be called with the  apiname of SDKAuth and the ret value of SDKERR_SUCCESS.

The SDKAuthcb callback also gets called and the status it receives is  AUTHRET_SUCCESS

When this happens, the system does not proceed to logging the user in.

If I try to start a meeting, I get the error:

SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE in the callback apicallresultcb

This worked fine with the same credentials a couple of days ago and now this happens consistently.

The only thing that happened in the interim is that I built an installer and installed the system on another computer. This started happening there, but now it also happens on my dev computer.

What changed?

What am I doing wrong?




i think it is the wrong user type you used. we have two user type to choose. api user or login user.


StartMeeting and JoinMeeting in the zoom_meeting.js are for login user.


StartMeetingWithOutLogin and JoinMeetingWithoutLogin in the zoom_meeting.js are for api user.


could you please to check your code?




Thanks for your response. My code is based on the Zoom Electron demo. The code there definitely uses the StartMeeting, not the StartMeetingWithOutLogin. I can tell you that it worked great with my API key and secret along with the username and password.

However, I think that the SDK initialization is failing before that becomes relevant. The SDK authentication seems to fail with the error I mentioned. you get that before you start the meeting, it happens when I call SDKAuth in this call:

zoomauth.SDKAuth(appkey, appsecret).

I think that once that fails, everything that happens after is not relevant anymore.





Closing as resolved.