Problem with StartMeetingWithOutLogin on Win SDK Electron


Hi, I notice that the latest electron lib for window SDK is having a problem for user to join without login, when attempted to Start meeting without login, it prompt me for password and register for webinar instead of starting the webinar.

When I try to investigate more into this issue, I found that in zoom_meeting.js

	return _addon.StartMeeting_APIUSER(userid, usertoken, username, meetingnumber,
                 directshareappwndhandle, participantid, isdirectsharedesktop, zoomaccesstoekn, zoomusertype)
				   return _addon.StartMeeting_APIUSER(userid, usertoken, username, meetingnumber,directshareappwndhandle, participantid, isdirectsharedesktop)

When start Meeting on WIN_OS there is no ZAK token take for the function and I believe this is the issue with the problem. I tried to add in zoomaccesstoekn on my own but I get “Wrong number of arguments” error

Can anyone help with this issue. Thanks in advance


Yes, it is a bug because the demo node doesn’t wrap that API in a correct way after the windows native client APIs is updated.

I will fix it. Thanks for your resonse.



Hi, may I know how soon can we get this fix done?