Problem with StartMeetingWithOutLogin on Win SDK Electron


Hi, I notice that the latest electron lib for window SDK is having a problem for user to join without login, when attempted to Start meeting without login, it prompt me for password and register for webinar instead of starting the webinar.

When I try to investigate more into this issue, I found that in zoom_meeting.js

	return _addon.StartMeeting_APIUSER(userid, usertoken, username, meetingnumber,
                 directshareappwndhandle, participantid, isdirectsharedesktop, zoomaccesstoekn, zoomusertype)
				   return _addon.StartMeeting_APIUSER(userid, usertoken, username, meetingnumber,directshareappwndhandle, participantid, isdirectsharedesktop)

When start Meeting on WIN_OS there is no ZAK token take for the function and I believe this is the issue with the problem. I tried to add in zoomaccesstoekn on my own but I get “Wrong number of arguments” error

Can anyone help with this issue. Thanks in advance


Yes, it is a bug because the demo node doesn’t wrap that API in a correct way after the windows native client APIs is updated.

I will fix it. Thanks for your resonse.



Hi, may I know how soon can we get this fix done?





Sorry for the delayed replay. The issue shold be fixed in the latest release. Please download the new electron package and sdk package.