Java API call using JWT token returns 401

I am trying to implement Java API using JWT to call create meetings.
Used Java library to generate a token in Java code. Token gets generated and validated through just to make sure that I have created the right token. However, when I pass that token in API call as Bearer , it returns 401 HTTP response in JAVA API response. If I try to use the same token in postman, it returns code “124”.
If I use a token code generated through the Zoom platform inside the app works fine in postman and code.

Receiving HTTP Response 401 in HTTP connection response.
Receiving below JSON in postman if using JWT created through JWT library:
“code”: 124,
“message”: “Invalid access token.”

Which App?

Hey @baljit.karwal,

Please see my post here:


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Thanks @will.zoom, I will try this today and keep you posted.

It worked when I passed “iss” as “api_key” in my claims to JWT.
Below simple JWT create worked to create valid token using “”:
JWT.create().withClaim(“iss”, apiKey).withClaim(“exp”, tokenExpiryTimestamp).sign(algorithm);


Hey @baljit.karwal,

I’m glad this did the trick! :100:


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