join_before_host for webinar


In v2 of the API and I am setting “join_before_host” to true but I don’t think it is being set. I should be getting the setting back from the response but it looks like I am not. Here are some screenshots:

Params passing:

Response returned:

Error if participants joins before host:

If host joins before the participant everything works fine. Not sure what I am doing wrong and any help would be appreciated.


Hi Brian,


Able to reproduce this, will check with the engineers on what the behavior is and verify settings.


Thanks Josh, Let me know as soon as you hear anything.


Hi Brian,

It appears that Join Before Host is not an option for webinars. Waiting on confirmation from the engineers to validate the rest of the settings and will update the docs ASAP.

Sorry for any confusion.



Thank you for the update. So this still means, if participants join the webinar before the host starts the webinar, they will see that error?



I don’t believe so, there should be a waiting for host to start dialog


Is it an issue with what I am doing or it’s on zoom’s end?


Hi Josh,


I did a test this morning and the error seems to be gone and it lets me know the starting time. I guess you guys fixed something on your end. Thanks


Hi Brian,

I’m not aware of any changes, however glad it is working for you now.