Join/Leave meeting as host


We are trying to integrate zoom meeting sdk into our application, we have a ‘User Managed’ oauth app, and an ‘Account Level’ jwt app to generate signature for client in order to be able to join to meetings. The meetings are created using user access token.

We are listening to Participant/Host left meeting event.

When we generate signature for host with role 1 the client joins successfully, but when he leaves the meeting, the webhook comes as it is for an anonymous user with newly generated id instead of signed hosts user id, and without email.

The host is a user in our account.

I have also tried to listen to both webhooks: from oauth app and from jwt app, both return the same result

Can you help me with this case to understand why the host is threated as a participant?


I have seen somewhat similar discussion here but again I am using a host which is under the same account as the JWT App.

Can I get some directions regarding this problem ?