Join meeting using zoom sdk

i am trying make a meeting with registration using zoom api :
register a user :
approve a user:

and i get this link to join the meeting meeting:{{meeting_id}}?tk=smwlinR-RtkIOuIE6NjLTbSJmcBcR1YJZgCIB2Zplfs.DQEAAAAANDYJFRZ2M1BVc0hkeFJMUzJUN0FxUi1uX2l3AA

how to join the meeting from zoom sdk if without use this link?

to join meeting i am using this script:
this.zoomService.joinMeeting(roomId, “”, this.userInfo.full_name, options)
.then((success) => {
}).catch((error) => {

Hi marlakhy,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Based on the code snippet, are you using Ionic SDK? If you have a URL and would like to join a meeting with SDK, you will need to parse the parameters out of the URL and pass the info to the methods.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

yes, i am using ionic sdk. how to parse the parameters ?

in ionic sdk the parameter are : room_id, password, full name and option.
how to get them from the url? i just get the room_id

Hi marlakhy,

Thanks for the reply. The information required by the interface is not all included in the URL, you need to find a way to get or to define the rest of the parameters.

this.zoomService.joinMeeting(meetingNumber, meetingPassword, displayName, options)
  .then((success: any) => console.log(success))
  .catch((error: any) => console.log(error));
  • MeetingNumber: The meeting ID you are referring in the URL
  • meetingPassword: required if the meeting has a password, optional if it does not have one
  • displayName: define the display name shown in the meeting
  • options: meeting options

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi @Carson_Chen

I mean join meeting for approved registrant,
for the example here is the join_url from the approved registrant list:

from that link i get the meeting id: 875956501

if i use :
this.zoomService.joinMeeting( ’ 875956501’ , meetingPassword, displayName, options)
.then((success: any) => console.log(success))
.catch((error: any) => console.log(error))

it will redirect me to registration page.
i have tried join meeting with zak and use the token from url :

and it still redirect me to registration page.
so how the approved registrant can join meeting using ionic sdk?

Hi marlakhy,

Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate it. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the URL to join a meeting for the approved registrant directly using Ionic SDK at the moment since the interfaces only recognize the required parameters (like meeting numbers). I will pass this as an enhancement request to the engineering team and we will investigate the possibility of supporting this in the next release.


hi @Carson_Chen

thanks for your response. notify me please if it has been suitable for ionic sdk.

my main purpose is to protect my meeting from foreign. how about hide the meeting id? i have tried to hide the header. but it make me cant end the meeting. because end button was hidden to.

Hi marlakhy,

Thanks for the reply. It is possible to hide it in the native SDK but it has not been added to the Ionic SDK yet. We will add it in the next release. Please see the answer here if you would like to have this feature now: Bottom Leave Button

Hope this helps. Thanks!