Integrate Zoom meetings in IONIC5. Getting parameters

I’m new with this technology, so I’m a bit lost. I already have an IONIC 5 app, and I want to implement videocalls using Zoom. I already have an account and I’ve created an SDK app (I guessed SDK App was the best option, but I’m not even sure about it). I initialize the Zoom Ionic plugin correctly, and I logged it. The problem is that I want to start a new meeting with Zak, so I can videocall a not logged user. I don’t know how to get the required parameters. I only have the SDK key and SDK Secret from my SDK App; and the Personal Meeting ID, the url below the personal meetingID, sign-in email, sign-in password and host key from my account.

¿How do I get the meetingNumber, ZoomToken, ZoomAccessToken and UserID? Do I need to create also a secod OAuth App? Please, help me out :sweat_smile:.

Which version?

Ionic CLI : 6.12.1
Ionic Framework :5.4.3

Cordova CLI : 10.0.0
Cordova Platforms : android 9.0.0
Cordova Plugins : cordova-plugin-ionic-keyboard 2.2.0, cordova-plugin-ionic-webview 4.2.1, (and 12 other plugins)


cordova-res : 0.15.2
native-run : 1.2.2


Android SDK Tools : 26.1.1 (C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk)
NodeJS : v14.15.0 (C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe)
npm : 6.14.8
OS : Windows 10

About Zoom, I’m using this cordova plugin version: 4.6.2166-6.603.

My code
All the parameters, except username and password, are empty. I guess this is the problem, but I as I said I don’t know how initialize them. Login works fine, but this.startMeetingWithZAK tells me that meetingNumber is empty (obvious).

zoomLogin() {
        console.log('I´m gonna login', this.username, this.password);
        this.zoomService.login(this.username, this.password)
            .then((success: any) => {
                console.log('login', success);
                this.logged = true;
            .catch((error: any) => console.log('login', error));

    zoomLogout() {
        console.log('Im gonna logout');
            .then((success: boolean) => {
                console.log('logout', success);
                this.logged = false;
            }).catch((error: any) => console.log(error));


    isLoggedIn() {
            .then((success: boolean) => console.log('is logged? ', success))
            .catch((error: any) => console.log(error));

    meetingNumber = null;
    meetingPassword = '';
    displayName = 'Zoom Ionic';
    language = 'en-US';

    zoomToken = '';
    zoomAccessToken = '';
    userId = '';

    startMeetingWithZAK() {
        console.log('Going to start meeting with ZAK');
        // Prepare meeting option
        const options = {};
        // Call start meeting method
            this.displayName, this.zoomToken, this.zoomAccessToken, this.userId, options).then((success) => {
            console.log('Zak', success);
            this.meetingNumber = null;
            this.meetingPassword = null;
        }).catch((error) => {
            console.log('zak', error);



  • Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • OS: Android 7.0
  • Android SDK 22

I’ve tried using this tool, but I don’t know where to get a valid clientID

I’m facing the same issue, any clue on how to continue with this?