Joining meeting timeout. Signature is invalid

I’m using angular in frontend and node js in backend and generate signature in node js

method: “join”,
status: false,
result: “Invalid signature.”,
errorMessage: “Signature is invalid.”,
errorCode: 3712

Which version?
sdk version 1.8

To Reproduce(If applicable)
const timestamp = new Date().getTime() - 30000;
const msg = Buffer.from(config.APIKey + req.body.meetingNumber + timestamp + req.body.role).toString(‘base64’);
const hash = crypto.createHmac(‘sha256’, config.APISecret).update(msg).digest(‘base64’);
const signature = Buffer.from(${config.API_KEY}.${req.body.meetingNumber}.${timestamp}.${req.body.role}.${hash}).toString(‘base64’);

my signature is :

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Hey @meenakshigaur,

When I decode your signature, I can see that your JWT token is listed as undefined in the very beginning:

Can you ensure you’re following the steps here correctly and including its value in your signature?


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