Joining session always trigger onSessionLeave immediately

Hi, I currently having an issue where the real android device won’t joining the existing session. The emulators work fine.

The app trigger the onSessionLeave immediately right after zoom.joinSession() executed without triggering other events, including onSessionJoin and onError. And the return of the joinSession promise is always null.

React Native version

React Native Video SDK version

Video SDK Code Snippets

const session = await zoom.joinSession({
  sessionName: SESSIONNAME,
  sessionPassword: PASSWORD,
  token: JWTTOKEN,
  userName: MYUSERNAME,
  audioOptions: {
    connect: true,
    mute: false,
  videoOptions: {
    localVideoOn: true,
  sessionIdleTimeoutMins: 40,


  • Device: Samsung Galaxy S22
  • OS: Android 12

Additional context
This issue started happening suddenly around couple days ago. It worked just fine before. I have not reproduce it on a real iOS device yet.

Could you try updating to the latest version - @zoom/react-native-videosdk - 1.6.2 and update the native SDKs to match the version as well, and let me know if that fixes your issue.

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