Joining Zoom via the Shortcuts App (Call to zoomus:// do not connect Audio automatically

We are using the Shortcuts Application on iOS and other Calls on mobiles and tablets.

All Zoom Clients are setup to automatically connect Audio in Settings. It has worked fine the whole year but stopped working the last couple of weeks.

Audio do not connect automatically (but is setup correctly in App Settings to automatically connect) when using the link zoomus://… to join the meeting automatically. This is really disturbing because many older participants do not know how to click “Join Audio” again and therefore missing out on the audio. This worked fine before for months and stopped working.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I’m using Shortcuts App to call zoomus://… and so on

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Use zoomus://… URL to join your meeting
  2. Make sure the Audio connects automatically in settings
  3. You will see that the Audio do NOT connect automatically
  4. You will get forced to choose to connect Audio manually

Screenshots (If applicable) (sorry only in German but it should be clear)

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Hi @Amos,

It looks like you might be using our Client URL Scheme, which has been deprecated:

The supported way to launch/join a meeting is to use the join_url returned by the API or retrieved via the UI.


Hi Will, thank you for your answer.

I wonder if you can actually generate a join_url returned by the API which will accept the settings in the app and the user do not need to press the microphone accept button.

Is there any way to find out if this works or maybe this is a feature disabled (for privacy or other reasons) by Zoom.

Hi @Amos,

Good question—At the moment, the only way to set the audio or video option automatically is through your Zoom app settings:

Alternatively, this can be done from the settings object when creating a meeting via API.


I too have successfully been using the deprecated Client URL scheme for shortcuts both for IOS Shortcuts and Android (using Website Shortcut app). I have not been able to get it to work with the join_url that you recommend. Worried that everything will break when the deprecated links don’t work any more.

Suggestions? It really surprises me that there is not an easy way to enable users to join a regular meeting (i.e., same URL every time) via a one-touch shortcut on the phone. We hold zoom church services and I like to set it up so that an elderly person can join the service just by pushing the ‘Church Zoom shortcut’ button on the home screen.

Hi @rick4,

Thanks for sharing this feedback. We do hope to provide more solutions for Client URL Schemes in the future, but I can certainly appreciate where you’re coming from. While the start_url and join_url provided in the Create Meeting API response will be the best option for now, I’d also encourage you to post this feedback in our Feature Requests channel as well, if you’re so inclined (#feature-requests).


Thank you all for your feedback. Somehow it starts to work again, not sure what Zoom has changed.

Thanks for sharing, Amos. Let us know if you run into any additional questions.