Open meeting join url in app if installed else join from browser

I want the meeting url to be open directly in the zoom application if it is installed in the mobile else it should redirect to the browser for joining. So currently i am using the zoom url “zoomus://” for directly opening the meeting in zoom app. But here the problem is if the user is not installed the zoom app, then no action is get performed. So my question is can we manage both the cases using a single url? like if app is installed in the system then directly open the join url into the app else redirect to the browser for joining.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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DeveloperBot reply doesnt help…

I have a similar need. I can join the meeting via the web sdk fine. But I’d also like to have the option to launch the Zoom Windows client. I am using the Zoom client url scheme: zoommtg://, but it still asks for user information before joining the meeting. I’d like it to just join the meeting without prompting for user information.

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If you enable meeting registration you can get a registrant specific url that bypasses the prompting. But then the joining via the web sdk doesn’t work because Zoom doesn’t support using the web sdk with meetings using registration.

Hi @amesh @bkm @bmilburn ,

If you’re using the standard join_url (…), this should default to the app, if it is installed.

However, if you wish to open in the web client instead, you can alter the join_url to include /wc instead of /j.

More simply put, you can use our Web Client as the join_url without leaving the website by replacing /j/ with /wc/ :{meetingID}/join .

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for!


I would like the Zoom platform client, Windows in this case, to launch join the meeting using the username that I can provide on the url.

I am using the url with pwd and uname parameters as outlined in the Zoom Client URL schemes…

I was able to get this to work by adding the stype value to the url. The examples didn’t use it so I didn’t realize it was required before the platform clients would use the passed username.

Hey @bmilburn,

I’m glad you figured it out, and thanks for sharing your solution. I’m sure someone else will find this helpful, too. :100:


I give the user an option to launch the Zoom platform client or Zoom web client for meetings with passcodes without the Zoom client prompting for user information. This works great for meetings.
However, I am unable to get this to work for webinars with passcodes.

Meeting information has an encrypted_password field, but I do not see the same for webinars.

Example meeting url for Windows client that does work for joining meetings…

What should the Zoom platform client url be for joining webinars with passcodes so that the user can join without being prompted to enter their email or username?

Hey @bmilburn,

Thanks for raising this—at the moment, our Webinar endpoint does not have an encrypted_password field, though this is a great suggestion.

If you wish to bypass login, you will need to include the pwd in the URL. Another option you might consider is requiring registration and generating unique join_urls.


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