JS SDK Join Webinar - "Not allow to start webinar from web."


After starting a webinar via the Zoom desktop client; I am unable to join webinars via the JSSDK. I receive the following error response from the API:

{"status":false,"errorCode":1,"errorMessage":"Not allow to start webinar from web.","result":null}

Here is the request the JS SDK was sending to the API, formatted as a CURL request.

Also, just to mention that I am able to join via the zoom.us/… join link.

Hi @TimedRight_Webinar_A,

Within your meeting config, is the role property set to 1 or 0?


Hi Michael,

Right now the role is set to 1. I just took another look at the documentation; and I see that I missed the information about role needing to be 0 for webinars. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for pointing me the right way.

I will try that out and if there are further issues will get back to you on this.

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No worries, happy to have helped out!

I encountered the same error and I already set the role to 0 but still have the error.
Do you know what’s happening ?

BTW I created new Post and here’s the link:

Hi @chris1,

Please refer to My Role in Config is 0 but it returns "Not allow to start webinar from web"

I am trying to start a webinar created from the API.

I am passing role as 1 because I am the host and wants to start a webinar. In your 1.7.2 SDK it always say “Another meeting is going” but when I update to 1.7.4 SDK it is saying “Not allow to start webinar from web.” Can you please look into this matter? I have attached the screenshot of console.


Hi @vrdays,

Right now the WebSDK does not allow users to start webinars, we only allow users to join unregistered webinars at this time. We are working on an updating our WebSDK to allow to start webinars in a future release - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/getting-started/stay-up-to-date/upcoming-changes/web-sdk


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