JWT integration


I’ve been forwarded here by your customer support although I’m not a developer and not sure if this actually is a question for this forum.

  1. Checked in the Zoom Marketplace and we have one created app still using JWT integration for Salesforce
  2. I logged in to SF to follow the instructions and update Zoom Config but seems like we have already authorized Oauth integration
  3. Just wanted to confirm if this is enough to leave it as it is or do we need to cancel the Oauth authorization and authorize it again?
  4. Also, not sure if it’s related but seems like our User Google Calendar API settings stopped working and Zoom meetings are not generated when we create meetings in SF anymore.


Hi @damian1
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!

Here is a guide that can be helpful for you to look into:

With this guide, you will be able to check if any of those logs belong to the JWT integration.
It looks like you have configured and authorized an Oauth integration, that might be enough, so just leave it as it is because it looks like it is already integrated and working.

About the last question, can you specify what’s going on? you are not able to create meetings via SF anymore?