Upgrading SDK and Deprecation of JWT


We currently have a Meeting SDK utilizing JWT. We want to upgrade the app and move to OAuth.

When we click upgrade, we are prompted that our app will be upgraded to leverage OAuth. To confirm, if we upgrade our old JWT api keys and secrets will not work. In this scenario, if we click upgrade we will need to simultaneously change to the OAuth. Correct?

This presents a challenge as our app is live with learners connecting and we need to do development work to switch to OAuth and test. If the above is correct, we may need to build a new app completely. Is there any other way / recommendation?


Hi @courtney ,

You should be fine, with some time to fully migrate. Please see below:

Hello everyone, I currently have an application integrated with zoom to hold meetings, I am using zoom jwt version 2.6, I understand that from August 5, version 2.7 will have to be used, which requires the use of sdk or oAuth, however the information about the update is not very clear to me since I don’t have much knowledge in the languages ​​in which the examples are made. Someone could help me?

Hi @aquarivm can you please make a new post and include the languages you need help in for your upgrade :slight_smile: