Large meetings (500 to 1000 people) on web browser

I’m using this plugin:

Video Conferencing with Zoom

There’s an option to embed the videoconference in the web browser. Although it generates an iframe, a direct URL is also available.

I wonder how well Zoom performs for large meetings done entirely within the web browser? (both mobile and desktop). Any experiences or recommendations?

Hey @Danielbm ,

We suggest reaching out to the creator of this plugin for details, as Zoom did not create this. :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy thank you for your response.
Actually I did, and he said I should contact you guys :joy: so I’m not sure.

Does this depend on the individual implementation of the web SDK made by the developer? Or this has todo with the SDK itself and it’s limitations?

Kind regards.

Hey @Danielbm,

Thank you for the update. Please see the following forum post relating to the supported capacity of the Web SDK:

In order t o confirm the performance details that you’re seeing, we recommend testing with the Sample Web App as that demonstrates the expected features and performance of the Web SDK. On that same note, the performance of the Web SDK can also relate to how it was implemented by the developer.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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