Launch LTI Pro in an other language than English

We want LTI Pro to launch in our users configured language (mostly French).
We are using LTI 1.1.
We are setting launch_presentation_locale=fr-CA in the launch parameters.
LTI Pro seems to ignore that parameter.
From what we observed, the initial language is set to the Zoom profile language for instructor (not so bad). But it is always English for students (really bad). After a user has manually set a language in LTI Pro, it will used that settings on subsequent launches (in a browser cookies).
Is there an other way to launch LTI pro in french?
BTW: A complete list of LTI parameters that LTI Pro uses and how they are used (like would be a great addition to the documentation.

Hi @ena2_usager
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Unfortunately, I am not familiar with how to configure languages on LTI pro
I found a support article on how to configure LTI Pro here:

I will also look internally for more resources that could help you

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