Zoom Pro LTI on Moodle LMS - How to find out my Client ID?

Dear Zoom LTI and API Experts,

Thank you for reading this question. Recently I set up Zoom Pro LTI on my Moodle. However, when I tried to launch Zoom Pro LTI, I got “No Client ID” error, see first screenshot below.

In the document, it never mentions what this Client ID is. Is Client ID my Zoom email?

Here is my “No Client ID” error: screenshot
Here is my access dashboard with Client ID: screenshot

Thank you!

Hi @kevin.lu.toronto ,

Please review the LTI configuration guide and double check that you’ve set everything up accordingly for your use-case.

Once you’ve identified the issue, please share here.

Dear Gianni,

Thank you. I have checked again and have set them all correctly. I need to know whether my Client ID is correct by email.


I am sorry, could you please share what this means? Do you need further developer insight?

If you’re referring to the client id supplied by your Zoom Marketplace app, you should see it under “app credentials” for the app.

Dear Gianni and Zoom Support,

I have figured out the Client ID. This Client ID is on Moodle, after setting up the configuration, Moodle will generate a Client ID for Pro LTI.


Awesome! Glad this is resolved now and appreciate you sharing.

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