Light up when lifting hand via ESP or Rasperrypi

Hello dear colleagues,
we have received an order to create an extension for Zoom. When a participant raises his hand in a Zoom meeting that sends a signal to a microcontroller e.g. a sound is played or a lamp turns on. According to colleagues this is possible. Do you have an idea how to implement this or at least how we can start?

Thanks in advance and many greetings from Germany!

there is an thread with some ideas

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This sounds like an interesting project! I would suggest triggering the raspberry Pi’s GPIO via a web server running on the device. Of course, you would need to expose the webserver to the wider internet via localtunnel or something similar.

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Hi and thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:
We would do the step exactly the same, just need inspiration for the code…

Hi! I would be interested in know about your solution, we need something similar for our non-profit organization. Maybe you can share the details.