Linking dialin details to Meeting uuid

I’m making use of the Reports / Get Telephone reports to see details of people that dial in to meetings so that we can look at what this is costing with a view of course to reducing this (/report/telephone)
Whilst this links via Meeting ID to a specific person or Room it doesn’t link to the unique meeting instance for that person or room.

Is there a way to get the detail from the “Get Telephone Report” and then be able to link it back to a unique meeting uuid (ie meeting instance)?


Thanks for bringing this up, I will add this as a feature request. (ZOOM-148276)



We have approved the feature request and placed this in our backlog.

Stay updated here:


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wow - never expect this to be honest and definitely not this quick - tremendous customer service
thank you


You are welcome! Thanks for the compliment! :slight_smile: