Linux Meeting SDK example

@chunsiong.zoom you published great example code for the Windows meeting SDK. Do you have any examples of how to join a meeting using the Linux Meeting SDK?
There aren’t any linux meeting SDK questions in this forum that I see. I would love to see the Linux platform get more attention here.

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Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. You can find a code snippet of how to join a meeting in the Linux Meeting SDK support documentation here :

Thank you, I’ve tried this. Unfortunately I always get error 8 (unauthenticated) back, even though I called SDKAuth and received the success return. There must be a step missing. In the windows version of the code the AuthEventListener calls the joinMeeting while the main loop runs a message processing loop. Should the Linux version do similar? What message processing should be in the linux code?

@randy ,

I’m running this as a message loop, while waiting for SDK Auth callback. Hope it helps

GMainLoop* loop;

gboolean timeout_callback(gpointer data)
	return TRUE;

//this catches a break signal, such as Ctrl + C
void my_handler(int s)
	printf("\nCaught signal %d\n", s);
	printf("Leaving session.\n");


void initAppSettings()
	struct sigaction sigIntHandler;
	sigIntHandler.sa_handler = my_handler;
	sigIntHandler.sa_flags = 0;
	sigaction(SIGINT, &sigIntHandler, NULL);

int main(int argc, char* argv[])


	loop = g_main_loop_new(NULL, FALSE);
	// add source to default context
	g_timeout_add(100, timeout_callback, loop);
	return 0;

@randy ,

Do take a look at the published sample code here

@chunsiong.zoom @donte.zoom As the Windows version, is this Linux SDK capable of showing a gallery view so a raw recording is not required?

@Pablo.Moreno , the Meeting SDK for Linux does not come with UI, you will need to implement your own Gallery View UI control if you which to do so.

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