Linux sdk example code not joins meeting,

I ran this: GitHub - zoom/meetingsdk-linux-raw-recording-sample
Exactly how @chunsiong.zoom wrote in this post: Linux Zoom meeting sdk not generating authentication return callback,can provide a sample demo? - #26 by chunsiong.zoom

But I’m getting an error, the bot not joins the meeting.
Auth is passed.

Setting recording token
onLoginReturnWithReason: 0
onMeetingStatusChanged: 1, iResult: 0
Connect to the meeting server status.
onMeetingStatusChanged: 4, iResult: 0
Disconnect the meeting server, leave meeting status.
onMeetingStatusChanged: 6, iResult: 500
Failed to connect the meeting server.
onMeetingStatusChanged: 7, iResult: 0
Meeting ends.

What am I missing?

Hi, Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum! Is the meeting in your account and active?

@gofmannir are you using a recording token? This error might suggest the the recording token is expired or invalid

That was the issue, thanks :smiley:

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If you remember, how do you transfer the token?