List Group Settings - Show if setting is locked

I’m interested to know if there’s a way to show if a setting is locked using the Get Group Settings API, and futher than that show if it’s locked at the Group level, or being locked by account level settings

When I run this API call, I can see if a setting is enabled or not (true or false) but I don’t get any information returned around if this setting is locked or not.

Using JWT app for Authorization, and using the API via Powershell, and restmethod

API Call:{groupId}/settings
Reference Doc:

Hi @philip.ross,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

While this information can’t be retrieved on a group level, you can retrieve Locked Settings on an account level using this endpoint:

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks Will, great reply!

I didn’t even think to check the documentation initially - silly me - but I also saw that there is an API call for Grouped locked settings

Is there any scope to get these into a single call?
It would be really helpful to get an output that shows something like this:

recording : @{local_recording=True,True; cloud_recording=True;False

Which could be formatted to something like (headers for ref)

Setting Enabled Locked
local_recording True True
cloud_recording True False

I suspect there’s possibly a way to combine the two existing API call outputs into a format like this, but then being able to update a groups settings across a main account and subaccount with multiple groups from a single API would also be helpful.

Hey @philip.ross,

Ah yes, thanks for pointing that out!

At the moment, this information will require two separate calls to these respective endpoints. However, I can certainly appreciate your use case here, and you make a great suggestion. If you’re open to it, I’d recommend submitting a feature request for a more comprehensive endpoint here: #feature-requests


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