List Meeting Filter

Is there a filter that can be applied to List meetings e.g created date such that I can retrieve meetings that were created either after a certain date or between dateX and dateY?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
For Business level account, I use the Dashboard/metrics endpoint but for lower levels, it seems the meeting list end point does not allow filtering.

Hi @olumide ,

There isn’t a filter like that for this endpoint. Have you tried filtering the meetings array programmatically according to the date range parameters?


Have not tried it yet, wanted to see if there’s a more scalable way of doing it. I guess I’m left with 0 choices :frowning:

Hey @olumide,

When it comes to Past Meetings, you can use the Get Meeting Reports API with the to and from parameters.

However, for scheduled meetings, you’ll want to use List Meetings API which doesn’t have a date field to query off of. That’s where the client-side filtering that Gianni mentioned comes in.

If you would like this feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend posting in the #feature-requests category.

I hope that helps!


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