List Meetings by date range

I am trying to build an integration that spans most customers, so trying to use the rest api list meeting but I see no way of pulling meetings for a specific date range. I’ve seen many responses to use the /metrics as an alternative and I do see the /metrics but the documentation indicates it only applies if they have the dashboard feature turned on. Any other way to pull meetings by date range without the hard restrictions of dashboard?

Hey @klhdevone, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

I’d suggest using the GET /report/users/{userId}/meetings endpoint. This gets a users past meetings by date range.

If you want to get all past meetings without passing in a userId, you will need to use the GET /metrics/meetings endpoint like you said.


just to confirm the documentation si correct, the /report is only for paid accounts, correct? There is no api that is all encompassing for all account types to accomplish this?

Correct, to use the Zoom API’s, you must have at least the Pro plan. Otherwise you will get this error message:

    "code": 200,
    "message": "Only available for Paid account: gVcjZnWWRLWvv_Gtuaxg"

Here is our pricing model which indicates REST API’s / Marketplace is for Pro plans and above: