List past webinar instances returning inconsistent results

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I am using{webinarId}/instances to get previous webinar instances. With some webinars, it will return UUID and start_time. With others, it will return UUID, occurence_ID, and start_time. The strange thing is “occurence_ID” is not listed as a returned field in the API definition.

Consequently, it seems that to retrieve webinar registrants at webinars/{webinarId}/registrants, some webinars return 0 results if I use UUID in the query parameters. But some webinars return results with just UUID!

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Inconsistent return values in{webinarId}/instances
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Hi @sgunn ,

Were the webinars that returned occurence_ID recurring webinars?

Can you share screenshots of your request and responses of these two behaviors please? Remove/block any sensitive info please like email address, account id, uuid, etc.

Thank you.

I am not entirely sure, but I can check.

Are recurring webinars the only type returning occurrence IDs? I wish this was more clear in the docs.

If it’s not a recurring webinar, will the webinar ID change every time? So, therefore, when I pull registration for a non-recurring webinar, I need to just use the webinar ID? And for a recurring webinar I can pass the occurrence ID along with the webinar ID to list registrants for that occurence? Maybe you can help me understand. Thank you!

hi @gianni.zoom ,

thanks for reaching out. I am trying to find the Webinar registrants for a past occurrence of a webinar. If I use /past_webinars/{webinar ID}/instances using that webinar ID I get the following:


Good, but it does not give me the occurrence ID to use at /webinars/{webinarID}/registrants. If I poll /webinars/{webinar ID}/?show_previous_occurrences=true I can find the occurrence ID for that date along with the occurence ID for a future date:

So if I use that occurrence_ID at /webinars/{webinar ID}/registrants it returns nothing:

If I don’t pass occurrence_ID it returns the people currently registered. This is not what I’m after–I need to know who was registered for the webinar on 2022-02-07 so I can grab registration info for the participants. I can successfully pull participants for this webinar at /past_webinars/{webinar ID}/participants.

thank you.

Hi @sgunn ,

After meeting with my team, occurrence id usage may vary between the meeting and webinar API endpoints. We need to continue testing.

A couple thoughts for clarification:

  • Did all of these webinars you’re querying require registration?
  • occurence_id is documented here:
  • Can you please pass show_previous_occurrences as a query param for the webinar ids where you required registration to see if you see those instances?

Our API endpoints do not return past webinar registrants, just participants, but this has been added as a feature request.


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