Get Registrants for specific Webinar occurrence

Currently I am able to get a specific webinars info and all instances of occurrences of that webinar. I am also able to get all webinar registrants. However as far as I can tell there is no way to know what specific occurrence of that webinar a person registered for. Is there a way to find this that I am not seeing? I have an occurrence Id so I thought I would be able to use this to do so.

Which Endpoint/s?

  • This gets the webinar info as well as a list of all occurrences and occurrence Ids


  • This gets me all the registrants for the webinar but does not appear to specify the occurrence of the webinar they registered for.


  • This gets me all the participants of the most recent occurrence of the webinar

Additional context
The goal of this is to check before each occurrence of a webinar to see who has registered, then check again after the webinar to see who actually attended. The problem now is I will check to see who registered and then afterwards they will not be in our list of participants, however we do not know if this is because that user skipped the webinar or if it is because they had actually registered for a later occurrence of that webinar.

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Unfortunately it does not appear that any of these links have the information I am looking for.

Hey @matt.eck2,

Great question, and happy to shed some light on this for you.

To that end, it is possible to get registrants for a specific occurrence of a recurring webinar, but your webinar settings will affect how you do so. Registration will need to be required and if you’d like to get registration data for each individual occurrence, you’ll need to ensure you’re selecting “Attendees need to register for each occurrence to attend” if you want this broken down by occurrence. In the Zoom UI, this setting looks like this:

If you select the first option, you’ll get a list of all webinar attendees, regardless of which occurrence they registered for.

Assuming you select the second setting, you can then query the registrants for that particular occurrence, via the List Webinar Registrants API endpoint, like so:

HTTP Method: GET
Request URL:{webinarId}/registrants?occurrence_id={occurrenceId}

I hope this helps!


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