List range of Zoom users by specific user names by using Zoom API calls

For some users (about 1000), we are unable to see Zoom user PMI’s on export document.
Trying to use Zoom API to pull that data.

Is there way to modify Zoom GET/users call to retrieve range of users by specific user names?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @dmitriy.bakhter, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Unfortunately this is not possible with the GET /users endpoint.

You can however use the email of the user to pull their PMI using GET /users/{email}.

Have you tried reaching out to to have them look into the PMI export issue?


Hi Tommy, Thank you for your reply. Zoom TAC referred me to this forum and also to try to use API, as they are still looking into why i cant export PMI info for those specific users.

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Happy to help @dmitriy.bakhter!

Glad Zoom TAC is looking into it.

Did the GET /users/{email} help out at all?


no, not really. just gives me that email is true or false

Hey @dmitriy.bakhter,

You have to specify the actual email of the user. Basically replace the userId path with one of your Zoom users emails.

For example: