List User API response with limited parameters

The following API should respond with parameters as listed here,
{“created_at”: “”, “dept”: “”,“email”: “”,“first_name”: “”, “id”: “”, “language”: “”, “last_client_version”: “”, “last_login_time”: “”, “last_name”: “”, “pic_url”: “”, “pmi”: “”, “role_id”: “”, “status”: “”, “timezone”: “”, “type”: “”, “verified”: “”}'

Connecting using an HTTP request with JWT, but only getting limited parameters as response,
{“id”: “”,“email”: “”, “user_name”: “”,“type”: “”, “dept”: “”, “meetings”: “”,“participants”: “”, “meeting_minutes”: “”, “last_client_version”: “”, “last_login_time”: “”, “create_time”: “”}

If we use the test request feature on this page , it gives all the parameters in the response.

Hi @pachai,

Thanks for reaching out about this.

Are you getting different fields returned depending on the user? Are your users of different types?

The reason I ask is because certain fields may not be returned if they’re not applicable to the user type. For example, API users, basic users, etc., may not all have the same attributes.

Let me know—thanks!

we have nearly 55+ users with license. If we test the same functionality from this page it responds with all parameters.

Hey @pachai,

Thanks for clarifying. From what environment are you sending your request when you’re not utilizing the test request tool? Do you get the same result when using cURL, external Postman, etc.?


Just now tested with Postman & another with a python script. Both got similar response as zoom api test page which seems good.
Apologize, the script was configured with this “
from this page

thanks for your help

Glad you were able to figure it out, @pachai!

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