List recording from trash missing fields and wrong data

I need to recover recordings from trash but the recordings information is missing.

After calling the API endpoint to retrieve a host trash recordings I see the lists of recordings without id and file_type empty.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

curl --location --request GET ''  --header 'Authorization: Bearer redacted'` 
  1. Returned recording_files are missing the id and the file_type is empty:
"recording_files": [
        "meeting_id": "nSht853TTDG+qZUKVxUQCQ==",
        "recording_start": "2020-08-23T16:01:22Z",
        "file_type": "",
        "file_size": 35612785,
        "deleted_time": "2020-08-27T11:38:56Z"

Using the Zoom recording managment page at:
I do see two files in trash for meeting 98713334395 that should be in the endpoint trash recording files.


:warning:This issue should bea high priority since after 30 days recordings are deleted permanently!

Hi @tommy, can you help me with this issue please? I need to recover hundreds of files.

Hi @Emanuel_Aguirre,

We’re looking into this for you—Do you have a date range for all the recordings you want to recover, and for which account number? Once we have this we can work with our team to recover this and take a closer look at what might be happening with the API.


Hi @will.zoom , here is the account number: 215657
Recordings in trash from hosts (180 total) in group: 2Cpt2mQhQC2ByMV6bFHmGQ
Since August 10

Hey @Emanuel_Aguirre,

Thanks for the prompt reply—Our engineering team is working on recovering those files and identifying the root cause. We’ll get back to you here as soon as we have an update. (ZOOM-193330)

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