List sub-accounts of a sub-account

Hello Team,
we have a master account and under us there are also subreseller. With API v2 is there a way to retrieve the subacounts of a subaccount?
I see that there is a way to retrieve the users of a subaccount but we need the subaccounts of a subaccount, something like /v2/accounts/accountid/accounts
right now I only can get the users with /v2/accounts/accountid/users but this is not so useful for us.
With API v1 I have to take the key and token for each subaccount and retrieve the subaccounts, would be the same logic with v2?

hope I explain my self

Hi @Jose_A_Pena,

Right now, there is not straight forward way to retrieve subaccounts within a subaccounts in one call. I believe you can use the same logic of taking the key and token for each sub account and retrieve their own subaccount like you did with v1.