Live streaming and audio responses

Hello. We’re looking for some help. We went to capture audio from audio and pipe it to our voicebot. This needs to listen and respond in audio.

Is this possible with live streaming?

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Hey @Beuller,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. In theory, yes, it would be possible to take the audio stream from a custom RTMP endpoint and use it for input in your bot. However, the implementation of this would fall outside the scope of our support here at Zoom.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Appreciate your note. I appreciate this out of support for implantation but can you at least confirm for me if when using a live stream we can have the bot both listen and talk?

At least this way we need to figure out where to put our effort.

Hi @Beuller,

Our Livestreaming capabilities would be best suited for listening to a stream, as it’s a one-way stream. This would not be suited to an interactive bot.


Thanks Will, so can you suggest how we can also have our bot speak?

Hi @thewelshbeuller,

While I can appreciate your use case, we don’t have an out of the box method for this currently, as bots are not something our meetings are currently intended to support.


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