Localizing Zoom apps?

We would like to localize our app into other languages. Specifically, we’d like to display our app in the same language that the user has set their Zoom client to.

Is there currently a way to get the language that the Zoom client is set to in the Zoom app so that we can display our app in the language that the user is expecting?

@shawn.nikkila It doesn’t look like we have a feature as part of the JS SDK but you can use the Get a User API to get the language of the user.

Let me know if that helps.

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Thanks, that could work. Ideally, we would be able to query the Zoom client through the JS SDK or some other means to get the language the Zoom client is set to so that our app matches the client. Otherwise, in theory, I can set my user account language in my Zoom preferences to something different than what my Zoom client language is set to.

Any chance, this is in the pipeline?

@shawn.nikkila I don’t think this is on our roadmap just yet but I think it would be a valuable feature. Can you submit this through the ideas portal that we are using for feature requests?

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