Location of Webhook Logs

Looking for the location of Manage > Call Logs > Webhook Logs is located on our account.

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Hey @phillip.burger, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

You can find the Webhook logs on the App Marketplace Dashboard here:


Let me know if that helps!


This helps. I might need further permissions.
Thank you!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:

Yes make sure you have the Integrations, Marketplace and Zoom Developer permissions which can be set by your Zoom Account Admin/Owner here: https://zoom.us/role


@tommy why are the webhook logs for webhook only apps?

We heavily utilize webhooks and cannot see them…

Hey @jimig,

So you have another app type that has webhooks enabled?

Do you see them under API Call Logs?


Let me know!


Hey @tommy we only see API call logs there. What would be useful is to see webhooks sent to our app as well, this would save a lot of time debugging

Thanks @jimig,

Good point, I will add this as a feature request! ZOOM-117715

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