Login with SSO is not working with Zoom Mobile SDK application

I am having an issue with the SSO login. I retrieve the SSO token using OneLogin. which is my partner for SSO authentication. I receive the Token in the application and when I try to loginWithSSOToken(). it fails with the Error code 407. I have check all the configurations related to OneLogin and the Zoom. which seems to work because when I do the same process using a web browser or the Zoom Application from Play stores.

Do I have to allow any permission to Mobile SDK app?

I have not found any documents or details related to this issue. Please help me with the solution or information.

Which Client Android SDK version?
I am using Client Android SDK 5.2.42043.1112


  • Device: Pixel 3
  • OS: Android 10

Hi @jn1, thanks for using our SDK.

Can you please update to the latest SDK version and let me know if you are still experiencing this issue?


I have updated it to the latest version. having an error code 100 which is saying that you have ZOOM_AUTH_ERROR_WRONG_OTHER_ISSUE.

Do I need to grant any access to my private SDK app on the marketplace for SSO?

@jn1 Can you provide a sdk log? Log path:/sdcard/Android/data/[package name]/logs


@Fred_Luo , The logs are in the encrypted form. how can i share the details with you like in this form?

Hi @jn1,

The logs are supposed to be encrypted. You can send the file over to developersupport@zoom.us and we will be able to decrypt them and investigate.


I think it seems that the token is valid but my SDK app is rejecting it because of security reasons. My SDK app has account-level access. so do I need to pre-register the app? if it then please can you share the document?

@jon.lieblich , I have sent an email with logs file.

@jon.lieblich, I have updated the SDK to the newest version. Now, it is saying that sdkNeedUpdate. How can I get rid of this error? earlier I was using the v5.2.42043.1112 and the current version that I am using is v5.4.3.613.

Hi @jn1,

If you are experiencing this issue on the latest version of the SDK, it is possible that your account admin has limited the Zoom version that will work on your account. Please ensure that the Require users to update the client setting under Admin -> Account Management -> Account Settings is not set to a higher version than that of the SDK.


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