SSO not working for zoom account which is created with google/facebook

I have integrated zoom SDK in my application. Login with email and password is working fine. But for a few zoom accounts which are created with Facebook/Google can not be logged in as they don’t have a password.

Now I am trying to add Login with Google & Facebook. For that I need to send SSO Key to zoom LoginwithSSO API. But here I am getting 1006 error after sending accesskey to zoom API.

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I am struggling with implementing social login (Facebook/Google) via the SDK’s SSO Login methods as well. I’m able to get the tokens from the login response from FB login but the Zoom SDK’s SSO Login method fails when I pass them in.

Is there another login method (aside from email or SSO) that accepts tokens generated from social logins?

Do we need to specify a different domain from when using social login tokens for the SSO login method?

Hey @murali.rudrakshula, @daves,

Apologies for the late reply. Are you using the Android or iOS SDK?


Hey @tommy - thanks for the reply. I’m actually using the MacOS SDK, apologies for tacking onto Murali’s note in this Mobile SDK forum. Can you help me understand how to use the MacOS SDK SSO login sdk methods to authenticate a social login user?

I can open a new thread/topic in the MacOS forum if easier, let me know. Thanks!

I am using iOS SDK. Apologies for late reply

I’m facing the same issue using the Zoom iOS SDK. The documentation simply refers to entering the SSO token but does not explain in any way how to get that token. Was able to seemingly get a valid token from a Google login to Zoom using WKWebView but it is not accepted when passing it to the login(withSSOToken:rememberMe) function.