Looking for the embedded TDD Form

We received an email that we need to resubmit the Technical Design Document by November 5th. (Note: we did resubmit the TDD the last time in Febraurry 2023)
The email states
As part of our continuous efforts to protect our users’ privacy, Zoom is requiring all developers to attest to how they are processing user data. This information will need to be updated in your app/integration’s technical design document (TDD). To assist with these updates, Zoom has created a new embedded TDD form that can be accessed at [marketplace.zoom.us]

However, i am unable to find this embedded form. Our app has been published and i do not see a link for the TDD.
Can you please point me to this form?

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I have the same question.

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To find find and update your app’s Embedded TDD;

  1. Navigate to marketplace.zoom.com and click “Manage” in the upper right corner
  2. Find your app in the “Created Apps” section
  3. Go to “Technical Design” and fill in the questions in under “Privacy Attestation”.
  4. Submit the app for review

You can follow the steps in this clip: https://zoom.us/clips/share/A2F3MSC6A7pQj8dKOlTvCXtV6RKVu-_rV5BtVrJRhIhaOtX2vw

Hi Nigel, thank you for the update but we simply do not see one of the the applications under the created Apps section.
We were able to find one of the two applications when logging in with one of our admin accounts but the other one is not available with any of the accounts . Can you help - this deadline is approaching fast!

Hi Daniel,

I’ve followed up with a DM

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