Lossing data such as no_invite no_text_meeting_id ,etc when rotating phone in android sdk

Hi Dear Zoom!

We use zoom sdk for our online class apk but had a big problem! We use no_invite or no_text_meeting_id or no_text_meeting_password ,etc
But if a user rotate the phone when back from waiting room and entering the zoom sdk, this data will loss and no_share or no_invite or no_text_meeting_password or… does not work and sdk run like default one. So can you please help? (We didn’t want custome ui and want to use the default one with not showing class id or password or invite or share) pleaseeeee help

Tnxxx :slight_smile:

Hi @Gsagas.mb, thanks for using our SDK.

Can you please verify which version of the SDK you are using?


Tnx for Answering
this is very very veryyyyyy big problem for me
we use zoom-sdk-android-


Hi @Gsagas.mb, thanks for confirming that.

I have tried to reproduce this in our sample app, but all of the views are being hidden correctly. Can you please provide a code snippet showing how you are setting these fields on your MeetingOptions object?


Hi @jon.lieblich, thanks for answering.

we use code

JoinMeetingOptions options = new JoinMeetingOptions();
options.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_MEETING_ID + MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_PASSWORD;

it just works! but the problem is there when our user rotates the phone when back from the waiting room and entering the zoom SDK, this data will lose and no_share or no_invite or no_text_meeting_password or… does not work and SDK run like default one! you can try just start rotating your phone after accepting by the host (back from the waiting room and starting to connecting to zoom) and you rotate repeatedly this happens! this is a very important security bug! please fix it or give us a solution.

So Thanks!

Just please help us because this is a very important problem for us


Hi @Gsagas.mb,

With the following steps, I am not able to reproduce this issue. Please review and let me know what steps you are taking, if they vary from mine.

  1. Start a meeting with waiting room enabled.
  2. In my SDK app, set the values mentioned above in MeetingOptions
  3. Join the meeting from the SDK app
  4. Admit the SDK app to the meeting
  5. Rotate the device both before and after joining the meeting


Hi @jon.lieblich

Yes! These steps are correct!
After waiting room and entering the zoom class if you rotate phone data like NO_INVITE , etc will not work!

(The important part is that rotating in waiting room until run the zoom class not after class! Before it!)


@jon.lieblich Can you please help us to find a solution to this bug?

Hi @Gsagas.mb,

Thanks for confirming. Since we are not able to reproduce after following the steps outlined in my previous post, can you please send a video showing the issue on your device?


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