Zoom SDK returns wrong meeting id & password

I am developing for Android and have created an Instant Meeting using Zoom SDK.

However, I am trying to get back the meeting ID and password but its always incorrect.

This is my logic:

ZoomSDK zoomSDK = ZoomSDK.getInstance();

            MeetingService meetingService = zoomSDK.getMeetingService();
            StartMeetingOptions startMeetingOptions = new StartMeetingOptions();

            meetingService.startInstantMeeting(this, startMeetingOptions);

            meetingService.addListener((meetingStatus, i, i1) -> {
                if (meetingStatus == MeetingStatus.MEETING_STATUS_INMEETING) {

                    String meetingID = zoomSDK.getInMeetingService().getCurrentMeetingID();
                    String meetingPassword = zoomSDK.getInMeetingService().getMeetingPassword();

                    Log.i("MEETING_DETAILS: ",
                            "Meeting ID: " + meetingID +
                                    "\nMeeting Password: " + meetingPassword);

If I try joining a meeting using those credentials the message is awalys Invalid meeting ID.
What could I be doing wrong?

Hi @Rassy, thanks for using the dev forum.

The reason you are seeing that behavior is because you should be using getCurrentMeetingNumber instead. The meeting ID is an identifier generated by our backend to identify a meeting instance. The meeting number is what is used to join a meeting.

Please let me know if you are still experiencing any issues after switching to getCurrentMeetingNumber and I’ll be happy to help.


Much thanks for the quicky clarification @jon.lieblich. It now works

One last thing, I’ve noticed that the password generated is different from the one in the Zoom Sharing screen itself (ie. when you press on the Participants button at the bottom, then invite, the meeting ID is the same but the passwords are different even though they all work). Why is that?

Hi @Rassy,

Always happy to help!

As far as the passcode goes, you may be seeing the encrypted passcode, which can be passed into the SDK as-is.


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