LTI Pro 'approved domains' not working

When launching LTI Pro (with LTI 1.1), we always land on a redirect page with this message: “For improved security the Approved Domains section of the LTI Pro configuration page needs to be configured”.
Our domain is configured correctly (without the trailing slash) in LTI Pro configuration.
We need to know why LTI Pro doesn’t accept our domain.
I can send httprequest details in private for debugging.

Hey @ena2_usager!

Every app in the Zoom Marketplace is maintained and supported by the developer who built it. In order to be published in the marketplace, developers must provide documentation and support URLs which are available on the app listing page.

LTI Pro’s Listing page is here: App Marketplace

And Contains links to Documentation:
And Support:

Please engage these support resources and reply to this post if they cannot assist.

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