Mac sdk join a meeting get crash

join meeting get crash。
Assertion failed: (!m_tmID), function SetTimer, file /Volumes/Zoom/PSO/mac/client_sdk_2019_mud/Client/src/application/common/cmmconfmgr/mac/…/…/…/…/…/…/Common/client/utility/include/CmmTimer.h, line 33.

Which version?

Join meeting as host role, it works well. Join meeting as no-host, it crashed. the difference is host has login action.

Please send us the crash dump and log file, so that we can do more research.

Thanks Derain,
this is my crash file.

BTW, I use xcode 10. I found sharing whiteboard does not work. If you have not fix this issue?

Now mac sdk does not support Xcode 10. We have made a statement on Please use Xcode 9 and try again. If there is still crash, please send us the crash dump on Xcode 9.

with xcode 9.3, I still get exception.

I open log and get some info:

Please go to join meeting asynchronously when you receive the auth callback.

understand your opinion. I have to schedule a timer to execute join action, now it works.

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Thanks for answering Derain!

Guan, feel free to ask any other questions!